Garage Accessories and Parking Mats

Auto Care Products – LLC Brand Garage Accessories

We offer a complete line of garage accessories to go with your garage floor, keeping your garage clean, dry, and safe!

Garage accessories - Clean Park® Garage Parking Mats keep your epoxy garage flooring clean and dry!

Clean Park® Garage Mat

The Park Smart® Clean Park® catches every drop of mud, slush, grime, grease, and oil that falls off of your vehicle

Garage Accessories - Protector Strips are like armor for your garage floor coating!

Protector Strips

Protects Your Garage Floor Coating From the Damaging Effects of  Hot Tires, Aggressive Tread Patterns, Tire Chains, Studded Snow Tires, and More!

Garage Accessories - Park Smart® Parking Mats let you know where to stop and protect your coating where the tires sit.

Park Smart® Parking Mat

Designed To Guide You Into Your Garage and Let You Know Exactly When To Stop. Also Protects the Coating Where the Tires Sit When the Vehicle is Parked.

Garage Accessories - Diamond Deck™ Motorcycle Parking Mats protect your epoxy or polyaspartic garage floor from kickstand abrasion and battery acid!

Diamond Deck® Motorcycle Parking Mat

Protect your Garage Floor Coating from Kickstand Abrasion and Battery Acid.

Garage Accessories - Diamond Deck™ Golf Cart mats protect your epoxy garage floor coating from battery acid

Diamond Deck® Golf Cart Mat

Don’t Let Battery Acid Damage your Garage Floor Coating’s Clearcoat.

Garage Accessories - Tsunami Seal® Garage Threshold Seals keep out water, dirt, and debris!

Tsunami Seal®

The Tsunami Seal® Garage Threshold Door Seal mounts to your garage floor creating the perfect seal between your door and your garage floor.

Garage Accessories - Park Smart® Wall Guard prevent damage to your walls and your car doors!

Park Smart® Wall Guard

The Park Smart Wall Guard is the ideal preventative measure against damage to both your vehicle’s doors and the walls of your garage.


Garage Accessories - Park Smart® Hanging Guards prevents door dings!

Park Smart® Hanging Guard

The Park Smart® Hanging Door Guard is the ideal preventative measure against chipping and denting of your car doors.



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