Our Installation Methods and Process

Garage Floor Installation Process:

The following process is used for the majority of our coatings. Occasionally, other methods are used based on the needs of the customer or the type of coating that is being installed.

  1. We will begin the installation process by clearing the garage floor surface of dirt and debris, and we will remove oil and other stains, no matter how bad they are.
  2. We start by grinding the body of the floor with a planetary diamond grinder. This removes foreign materials, creates a textured-profile for the coating to bond with, and opens the pores of the concrete.
  3. Repairs will be performed as necessary. Cracks, damage, voids, and spalled concrete can all be repaired with polymer material that permanently bonds with the concrete. The majority of repairs are virtually invisible once the coating is complete.
  4. Expansion Joints and Control Joints can be filled and sealed with a flexible joint sealer. This prevents dirt and debris from becoming impacted in them, it eliminates the spaces that insects love, and it gives the floor a seamless look.
  5. In most cases, the primer and basecoat are applied in one heavy coat of Low-VOC and UV-Stable, 100% Solids Epoxy.
  6. The decorative chip you have selected will then be broadcasted into the wet material. As the material cures, the chip will become permanently embedded. The material will also form strong, permanent bonds with the concrete substrate.
  7. The last step in this process is the clearcoat. It consists of a material called Polyaspartic Urethane. The clearcoat will provide a beautiful, glossy sheen that brings out the color in your floor. But more importantly, it provides a layer of armor which is highly resistant to chemicals & staining, as well as impact & abrasion, protecting your floor and your investment! Your new garage floor will be beautiful for years to come!

before epoxy garage floor installation fort worth texasBefore

epoxy garage floor after installation process is complete fort worth texasAfter

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