Granite Coating

Natural Mica Flake can be added to any color of the ‘Classic’ to create the ‘Granite’ finish!

1. We will begin by clearing the surface of dirt and debris, and we will remove oil and other stains no matter how bad they are.

2. In most cases we diamond grind the entire surface to open up the concrete.

3. Repairs will be performed as necessary. Cracks, damage, voids, and spalled concrete will all be filled and feathered out, and will be almost invisible once the coating is finished.

4. You have the option to have Expansion Joints and Control Joints sealed and partially filled. This prevents dirt and debris from building up in them, it eliminates the spaces that insects love, and it gives the floor a seamless look.

5. Next is a generous coat of primer which will deeply penetrate the freshly opened concrete, creating mechanical and chemical bonds that won’t let go.

6. After that we apply the basecoat.. It consists of 100% solid epoxy giving the floor lots of body, strength, and color. The Natural Mica Flake and Vinyl Chip you have selected will be broadcast into the epoxy while it’s nice and wet. As it dries it will become permanently embedded. The epoxy will also form strong and permanent chemical bonds with the primer. As it cures, the primer, solid-epoxy, and decorative chip will all become one strong, thick unit permanently bonded to the concrete beneath.

7. The last step in this process is the clearcoat. The clearcoat will provide a beautiful, glossy sheen that brings out the color in your floor. But more importantly, it provides a layer of armor which is highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and impact; protecting your floor and your investment!