How To Compare Estimates and Choose The Right Contractor

We want you to choose the right contractor for your garage floor instillation process, which is why we’ve included this list of questions and answers to consider when making the choice. We believe that when properly compared to other estimates and companies, you’ll see why Garage Floors DFW is the right contractor for your epoxy flooring needs!

Q: Who will be performing the installation?
A: Most garage floor coating companies sub-contract the work or hire general laborers for the installation. We have highly-experienced Artisan Installers on staff. 

In fact, many companies are simply a turn-key business that anyone can purchase, the owner may or may not have related experience, and they typically employ general laborers who don’t have coating experience to install your floor. Combined, our Artisans have installed over 2000 epoxy floor coatings.

Q: How will you prepare the surface to receive the coating?
A: Diamond Grinding is the preferred method in residential coatings. 

We use a Planetary Diamond Grinder that removes dirt, stains, oil, and other foreign material while creating the optimal profile for the coating to bond to. We can change the abrasive to create the optimal profile, based on the individual concrete and coating type. Many contractors acid-wash or use a “Diamond Cup” type grinder because they are inexpensive.

Q: What Materials Will You Be Using, And Where Do They Come From?
A: We purchase the highest-quality materials, from the top manufacturers in the country. These materials aren’t available in stores or local paint-supply houses.

Professional grade coating products are not available in home improvement or paint stores. The do-it-yourself epoxy kits found in home improvement stores are typically watered-down or reduced with solvents until they are around 40% solids. This is one of the big reasons they fail so quickly.

We buy directly from the manufacturer, allowing us direct access to the highest-quality, professional and industrial grade materials available, and ensuring a high-level of quality control. We use only the highest-quality products on the market, including Epoxy, Polyaspartic Urethane, Polyureas, and Urethanes.

Q: How Much Material Will Be Used On Each Coat, and How Thick Will The Coating Be?
A: We are the only company in DFW that lists the exact type and thickness of the materials we will be using, right on your estimate! 

We are so confident in our systems, we are proud to list the specifications right on the estimate! When receiving estimates from other companies, make sure to find out what kind of materials will be used for each coat, in what quantity, and what the Dry Film Thickness (DFT) will be.

Q: Some Estimates I Received Include 2 Clearcoats, My Estimate From Garage Floors DFW Only Includes One. Why Is This? 
A: When a company offers two clearcoats at no additional charge, it is an indicator that they are using low-quality, inexpensive materials. 

Ask what kind of materials will be used for the clearcoat if it is not listed on your estimate. Typically when 2-clearcoats are included at no additional charge, it is because they are using Polyurethane, “Hi-Performance Urethane”, Epoxy, or another lower-quality material. We only use the highest-quality Polyaspartic products on our Lifetime Floors.

Q: How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
A: In most cases, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship, and guarantees it won’t peel!

In most cases, we guarantee our work and material for life, and we guarantee it won’t peel from things like hot tires. We CANNOT guarantee a coating against outside forces such as mechanical or chemical damage, increased vapor transmission, fires, or changes in the underlying concrete. You can Learn more about the warranty here.