Maintenance & Care | Cleaning and Caring for your Epoxy Floor.

epoxy polyaspartic garage floor frisco txMaintenance and Care of your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Maintenance and cleaning of your garage floor is very simple. Here are some tips and techniques for keeping it looking great for years to come.

1. The amount of time the coating needs to cure will vary with temperature, atmospheric conditions, as well as the condition of the concrete. The minimum is at least 24 HOURS before allowing foot traffic, and AT LEAST 48 HOURS before driving on or moving heavy objects onto the floor. IN COLDER TEMPERATURES, ALLOW TWICE AS MUCH TIME!!!

2. Refrain from dragging heavy objects across the surface. Though the coating is highly abrasion resistant, it is not completely impervious to scratching or damage. We know you can’t wait to get that new workbench in there, but have somebody help you lift it into place.

4. The coating is also stain resistant – but NOT stain-proof. Wiping up oil and and other stains in a somewhat timely manner will help ensure your floor stays looking great.

5. Battery acid is one of very few chemicals that WILL HURT the coating. If you have an electric golf cart you may want to consider getting a Golf Cart Parking Mat or using a cookie sheet underneath the battery compartment. Motorcycles and other vehicles with small batteries often have a vent on the battery that may occasionally discharge small amounts of acid onto the garage floor, you may want to consider using a mat or tray for those as well. Be cautious with brake fluid and any highly corrosive agents.

6. Continuous Abrasion – A good example of this is placing your motorcycle’s kickstand in the exact same spot every time you park it. The coating is highly abrasion resistant but repeated abrasion over a long period of time will wear out just about anything.

7. To clean the floor, start by sweeping, vacuuming, or blowing out the garage floor. You can use a pump-sprayer or garden hose to mist the floor, it is not necessary to completely saturate the floor with water. Next, use a soft-foam squeegee to pull the water out of the garage – the foam will remove dust, dirt, light stains and debris with it. A rubber squeegee will smear dirt and oil, foam captures the dirt and oil and pulls it out with the water.

8. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS or ADDITIVES to clean your garage floor coating.  It WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!! Detergents leave a thin film on surfaces. Over time the film will cause your floor to look hazy and dull, and may prevent us from being able to repair the floor. This is also true of mopping additives like “Mop & Glo”. If you feel you need more than water to get the surface clean, non-detergent cleaning products such as “Fabuloso” work great. Vinegar or Ammonia will also do the trick.