Classic Garage Floor

The Classic Floor offers the BEST value, by far. It includes the repairs of all cracks, divots, and gouges, and extra time will be taken to clean up sloppy concrete work and other imperfections in the concrete. 

It has an orange peel texture that is still glossy and easy to clean, and offers excellent UV-tolerance and overall durability. With a nominal thickness over 1/16 of an inch, it offers increased protection against impact & abrasion, providing a longer-lasting finish life. The Classic is a good fit for all types of homes, and for all types of usage from parking cars, work shops, airplane hangars, and more.

1. The surface will be prepared to receive the new coating by diamond grinding or shotblasting. This process removes foreign materials and creates a textured-profile for the coating to bond with. These methods are far superior to acid-washing and the Diamabrush tool.

2. We will spend more time repairing damage and imperfections than we do on the “Basic” option. Cracks and damage will be almost invisible once the coating is installed. We will also bullnose the corners of the car stop and weather-seals, so they are smooth, and less-prone to chipping. On the weather-seals and tire-stops, we will hand-grind the bullnoses to give them a nice, smooth radius.

3. Next, we apply the UV-Resistant, Low-VOC, 100% solid epoxy basecoat, giving the floor lots of body, strength, and color. Decorative flake is broadcast to rejection into the wet epoxy. This gives the coating a “lift”, creating a much stronger, thicker layer of material. In fact, it can increase the thickness of the basecoat to more than 50-mils.

5. The last step in this process is the clearcoat. Our Polyaspartic Urethane will provide a beautiful, glossy sheen that brings out the color in your floor. But more importantly, it provides a UV-tolerant layer of armor which is highly resistant to impact, abrasion, chemicals, and staining. Aluminum Oxide will be broadcast into the clearcoat to provide anti-skid properties and increased abrasion resistance.


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