Econo Garage Floor

The Econo Coating is like a do-it-yourself or painter-grade floor on steroids! It is designed for the person who is thinking about doing it themselves, or just needs an inexpensive but cost-effective solution. It offers excellent UV-tolerance, as well as abrasion and chemical resistance.

According to an industry study, around 75% of coatings failures are due to poor surface preparation. The D.I.F.Y utilizes the same professional surface-preparation as our higher-level floors, and the same coating material that we use as a topcoat on all of our systems. We'll let you read between the lines on that one!

It is only available in limited colors, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty in most cases. This coating is a good fit for would-be Do-it-Yourselfers, first homes, home flippers, and other situations where a less-expensive, but quality solution is needed.

  1. We will begin by clearing the surface of dirt and debris, and we will remove oil and other stains no matter how bad they are.
  2. The surface will be prepared by diamond grinding or shot-blasting.
  3. Only Cracks are repaired with this option, other damage and imperfections are left as is.
  4. Next it receives the coating – it consists of Polyaspartic Urethane – the same material that we use as a topcoat on our lifetime warranty floors. The decorative chip is immediately broadcast into the wet epoxy in a light, random spread. As it dries it will become permanently embedded. The material will form strong bonds with the concrete.
  5. We will broadcast aluminum oxide into the surface to provide anti-slip property, as well as improved abrasion resistance.
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